Saturday, February 27, 2010


Last night, my friend Sudeep, who is from Karnataka state in India, invited me and some other people to his place for dinner. Once I learn how to pronounce it, chicken tikka masala with chapattis will be my new favorite food.

Seriously.  The other day, I decided that Mexican, Indian and Arab foods were my three favorite foreign food styles, but I couldn't pick an ultimate favorite.  Now I know.  It's Indian, fo sho.

For dessert, Sudeep made gulab jamuns, which are basically dough balls fried and served in thick clear syrup.  Sudeep gave us each a bowl with two gulab jamuns. "They're testicles!" my friend Evan joked.

"No, they're not," Sudeep reassured me. "But in India, 'gulab jamuns' is slang for testicles.  Kind of like how you guys say 'plums.'" After we stared at him quizzically for a few seconds, he corrected himself: "...or maybe that's the British."

And that is why multiculturalism is awesome.


  1. The Mexican call them eggs, er, huevos.

  2. In reference to the start of the blog post, I love tikka masala so much. Indian food is some of the best stuff you'll ever eat.

  3. First of all, I do love Indian food. Naan is my favorite "wrap" stuff (like tortilla, chipate, etc). BUT how come Korean isn't even among your favorite three foreign styles?

  4. Hani - because I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy stuff. Sorry.

    Sarah - glad to see you know the truth as well. How is the food culture over there?

    Laura - what is with all these unrealistic comparisons? :)

  5. Seriously? Korean food is totally awesome and it isn't all spicy. And it's a different spicy than the spicy in America. It's just awesome-spicy here. :-) I think you need to reconsider your favorite foreign food styles list!

  6. Wow, where'd all these Korean nationalists come from all of a sudden? I promise you guys, I will try Korean food the next time I have the opportunity, and I will request the non-spicy stuff to start. Then I will reconsider and let you all know what I decide.

  7. On a completely irrelevant note, I enjoy it that I am your "anti-me"...


    You will be disturbed to know that I just subscribed to The New Left Review...

  8. I'm glad you enjoy it. I wouldn't have anybody else represent The Revolution on my blogroll. :)