Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Postcard Ever

I have a very dear friend who is getting ready for med school and spending the semester working at a clinic in Kenya. He is bookending his Kenya experience by living out my biggest fantasies for me - traveling to Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Nepal and India. My friend and I argue about a lot of things, but we agree that dictatorships, on the whole, suck. My friend (who I cannot name, for reasons that will become apparent) is also a big fan of Borat (Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.)

Before he left, he promised to send me a postcard from "some repressive Arab country." I sent him my address, and told him, "The more repressive, the better! You can write in code to me, so the censors won't know you're mocking them."

Today, I got a postcard from Oman:


Oman beautiful place! Great ruler sultan deserve all accolades for make Oman best country and prosper! Also sunny weather! Calls to prayers now, must go make worships to be good muslim!

Hug and kiss, [redcated]."

I laughed really hard. The people in the mailroom gave me weird looks.

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