Monday, September 14, 2009

Is Osama bin Laden F***ing serious?

From the good sheikh's latest video update:

And we, by the grace of Allah, continue to carry our weapons slung over our shoulders, fighting the evil powers in the east and west for thirty years, and in all that time, we have not recorded a single incident of suicide despite the global pursuit targeting us, praise be to Allah.

No suicide among the terrorists? No - please - stop - I can't take it! My sides! Oh, man!

Good falafel, that son-of-a-b**** has a twisted sense of humor.

On a more serious note, for the last few years, our old friend seems to have been cribbing his propaganda directly from the leftist blogosphere, with a few "God willings" and "Praise be to Gods" thrown in for effect. Check it:

"Both of our nations are victims of the policies laid down by the White House, which in reality is nothing but a puppet in the hands of powerful interest groups, specifically big corporations and the Israel lobby.”

"And the matter becomes even clearer if you read what your former president Jimmy Carter has written about the Israeli discrimination against our people in Palestine, or had you listened to his statement some weeks ago, while visiting besieged and ravaged Gaza, when he said, ‘the people of Gaza are treated more like animals than human beings’…”

“The details regarding this have been clarified by two of your citizens, they are John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt in the book ‘The Israel Lobby in the United States.’"

"Those who issue statements from inside the White House and claim that your wars against us are necessary for your security are the same ones who worked under the regime of Cheney and Bush, and marketed their former policies of fear to safeguard the interests of large corporations at the expense of your blood and economy."

“The conclusion of my speech: it is time to liberate yourselves from the fear and mental terrorism that the neo-conservatives and the Israeli Lobby have used to manipulate you."

It's the corporations, man! We gotta rise up and set ourselves free, man!

I would really like to be a fly on the inside of Osama's brain. Does he think anybody in the States is listening to him? (God forbid, are they? We'll assume they're not.) If he knows that about the only thing all Americans can agree on is that he should die, is he trying to discredit Mearsheimer and Walt and Carter by quoting them? To what end? What is he trying to accomplish with these videos? Or is this just something he does because he can't pull off a terrorist attack anymore?

One could go crazy trying to figure this guy out. I'd much rather have a corpse of him. God willing.


  1. I am an American and I don't think he should die. Violence breeds violence and I'm not willing to make an exception, even for him.

  2. As always, I admire your principled idealism, Britta. But can I assume you would like to see him tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity and sentenced to life in prison?