Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Equal Time for Canadians

Regarding my last post on healthcare, and the conversation I had with a Canadian Dordt alum:

One of my best friends from my time in Egypt is a rare specimen: a strident Canadian libertarian. After reading that blog post, he wrote to me:

"i was just looking at your blog, and it was great. [Why, thank you.] i did not give that nice canadian alumn permission to speak for me on healthcare. WE WANT OUR FREEDOM!!! and its NOWHERE NEAR FREE for anyone who pays income tax. lies and more lies."

Don't be fooled. While passionate, my friend is a very gentle soul, who will one day become a fine doctor in the profit-driven US system, insha allah. We used to argue all the time, though. Still do, in fact. Anyway, as I learned in Egypt, there are few things more frustrating than having one of your countrymen misrepresent your country to a foreigner. So I thought I'd give him his say.

حرية! للأبد!٠

٠Freedom! Forever!

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  1. Speaking of problems in Egypt. Yesterday I was writing a paper in one of the campus Libraries. I accidentally hit a button on the keyboard and I started typing in Arabic. I asked the librarian how to fix it so she came over. She had no clue. She immediately called over 2 more librarians over who all huddled over me on the computer. To my horror I was the center of attention in a gigantic library all because of a language barrier.