Saturday, August 15, 2015

My new article on Syria Comment

Hey there erstwhile blog-followers! I have a new piece up on Syria Comment, my favorite Syria blog, trying to explain why the U.S.' plan to train and equip a whole new rebel army in Syria has, to date, trained only sixty fighters. You can read it here if you're interested.

"It’s easy to understand the consternation of the senators at the Carter hearing. How could the U.S. foreign policy establishment possibly be so incompetent?

"To move beyond incredulity and consternation, we need to put this training project in context. Over four brutal years of civil war, the U.S. has announced a succession of programs to aid “moderate” anti-government fighters in Syria – all similarly modest, even embarrassingly so. But U.S. rhetoric about these programs has been jumbled and self-contradictory, and has had only the most tenuous connection to events on the ground – and to the true scale of U.S. involvement in Syria. The wide gulf between rhetoric and reality evinces a deliberate public information strategy to conceal the nature of that involvement."

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