Friday, August 21, 2009

Irony, Thy Name Is HAMAS

Here is Ismail Haneya, Hamas’ Prime Minister, speaking about a revolt in Rafah led by a radical anti-Hamas imam that led to the deaths of 22 Palestinians last week:

“After the failure of the war and the siege on Gaza, some side exploited young men and fed them with strange ideology to regard killing as lawful.”

No way! Are you for serious?

Young kids being taught that killing is lawful. What is the Levant coming to these days?


  1. "Kill before YOU get killed."
    What a tragedy..

  2. Question! Why am I labled as the man that rejected Christianity and led Thousands possibly millions to Hinduism?

  3. Because when most people think of "Gandhi," they think of a man who loved peace, loved people, and was a little insubordinate. Like yourself. But I will change it if you want.